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invoice:China administration plan to inspect the tankers online verification equipment
Published:2012-06-26 00:00 Reading times:8638

Each department:

According to  the province quality technology supervision bureau notice, China administration plan to inspect  10 25 scientific research project of the tankers online verification equipment   taked by  our company and province quality supervision in late July, Each departments must pay high attention, do the preparation before acceptance, scientific research department should prepare report material seriously , quality control department should do  sample test again, analysis data carefully, make sure to reach the requirements of the design plan descriptions, seal the sample, the office, car, warehouse and other departments should be in  accordance with the 4 S requirements strictly, make self-examination and rectification, the company regulatory commission will inspect no regular time, for  substandard department or individual we will do the strict treament  in accordance with the company the labor management system ", "the production site management system" and so on

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