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Hefei Smith instrument Co., LTD. Is the flow by Smith JS investment companies invest $2 million in anhui province, the people's government approved the establishment of enterprise with foreign investment. The company existing in production area 10000 square meters, the annual output of 10000 sets of instrument, exports account for 50%. The largest domestic Smith instrument under construction industrial park covers an area of 30000 square meters and a building area of 20000 square meters, design production capacity of 100000 sets/year, Smith JS investment company an additional investment $2 million, the company USES international advanced product design, manufacturing and management technology, mainly engaged in the high quality, the deep field flow meters of the development, production and sale, in order to satisfy China and the world of flow meters the requirement of the market.

The company not only with a superior high-tech comprehensive ability and strict quality management and measurement of the management system and perfect processing and testing means, more have a for China and the world the development of flow meters make important contributions talent team.

Making the SMITH2011 series three rotor (fixed metal scraper) flow meters, SMITH2012 series PD sliding metal scraper flowmeter, SMITH2017 series screw rotor flow meters, SMITH2014 series elliptical gear flowmeter, SMITH2015 series ROM watts flow meters, SMITH3011 waist round series vortex flowmeter, SMITH3012 series turbine turbine flow meter () and electromagnetic flowmeter, metal rotor flow meters, mass flowmeters and DuoZhong special flowmeter and so on, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, war industry, scientific research departments of the liquid, gas medium in precise measurement and control. SMITH product already in the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Middle East, dozens of countries and regions of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, food industry etc get good application.

In the new study, Chinese academy of sciences, the fourth state of material experiment device, common in nucleus applied the SMITH, the product in high flow meter strong magnetic field, ultra-high strong electric field and super-high strength is very bad environment of nuclear show good performance.

SMITH miniature flowmeter spacecraft into space, with SMITH engineering and technical personnel for the human space industry made unremitting efforts.

SMITH product not only with its unique product design and manufacturing process, and has good performance and reliable job security, and has the perfect pre-sale consultation and after-sales service system. If you in the flow measurement and control of a higher request, we believe that, with our joint efforts, certainly can be well resolved. We strive for user's satisfaction, employee development of the world and we flow meters business contribution. "For the first, ensure the best" is our goal.

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