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Liquid flowmeter
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Display instrument, control instrument/system
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Pump, electro-hydraulic is it lasted

Lifelong service
We'll supply Lifelong maintenance service for our products
We'll supply 12 months maintenance service for free
return visit
we'll visit you in a fiexed period ,and write detailed record
We'll make corresponding response in 2 hours after receiving customer's repair demand,if
need door-to-door service ,we'll arrive the destination in 48 hours, we set up the office all around the country, every office will have Service engineer ,also have the tool for Testing and servicing
Spare parts and replace
We pay great attention to the universality and interchangeability of parts and components in product design,We set up technology archives for each product ,we prepare lots of spare components in comapany and each office in orde to make customers' products getting quick maintenance

气动球阀 流量计
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