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Gas flowmeter
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Gas flowmeter introduction

Smith (Smith) the gas flow meters adopt mechanicalintegration or mechatronics
, they can be used safely, and also have accurate measurement performance, reliable control accuracy; It's suitable for a wider range of all kinds of gas measurement; It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel and iron, medicine, food, war industry, scientific research, and other important areas;

The main technical indexes:
Flow Range Range: 0 ∽ 18000 (m3 / h) (conventional measure);
Accuracy accuracy: 0.5%; ∽ 2.5%;
Pressure range press. : 1.0 ∽ 30 MPa:;
Temperature range temper. :-200 ℃ ∽ + 500 ℃;

Display form: the show accumulative total flow, transient flow, single flow (back to zero count) electronic LCD counter, etc
Output form: single pulse; Many (n) road pulse; 4 ~ 20 mA;4 ~ 20 mA + HART output; 1 ~ 5 V output; RS232 communication; RS485 communication; MODBUS agreement

Gas flowmeter classification
Gas mass flowmeter
Gas mass flowmeter
The volumetric gas flow
The volumetric gas flow
Speed type gas flow
Speed type gas flow
气动球阀 流量计
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