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Published:2012-03-09 00:00 Reading times:8350

In recently years , the energy markets of Chinese and global become better, making the competition of process control becoming larger . The manufacturers of Process automation   develop new products and new technology constantly to establish their technology advantage. but because the user technology innovation and product update at the peak hour in China process automation market, this kind of competition is particularly intense, at that time, the new standard, concept, technology and so on will become emerge in endlessly, which improve boundless energy for the fierce market competition  .

So, What's the present situation of process control technology application in the typical process industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power ? And what's thecharacteristics when it face to the requirements of process automation products and technical ? Therefore, DongJingChen ,deputy secretary-general for Chinese instruments industry association , senior engineer, discussed some hot spots of process control automation from the view of industry.

Instruments and meters: becase of energy conservation and environmental protection , the flowmeter become more important

In addition, because of China's national conditions it raises some new requirements for domestic process control , it also provides a broad market for certain kinds of automation products . DongJingChen said that, because of the requirements of saving energy and environmental protection for the domestic process control industry increasing unceasingly in recently years, Flowmeters in the field of testing  attract people's attention in the demestic market, especially mass flowmeter and ultrasonic flow.

More and more index, From roughly calculated to quantitative analysis, lots of raw materials, emissions need to get high precision measurement, so mass flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter can be used more and more, the quantity of demands become larger . It also reflects that the domestic enterprise improved their consciousness of saving costs through the fine management 

In addition, DongJingChen also said that in the domestic large-scale project, instrument contract has also become significant trend at present, but this way puts forward a large challenge for domestic instrument manufacturer. He points out that the international large process automation manufacturer is strength, most of them have the ability to provide a complete system solutions, they also have the qualification for the general contractor , once being the contractor, they will serve as a leader of the instrument product sourcing, with a good decision.
But domestic instrument enterprises pay more attention to the maintenance of product line, their business pressure are great , in this respect they still haven't strong competitiveness. In this case, the domestic instrument enterprise should pay more attention to improving the competitiveness of the leading factor,  not just getting a little ahsre in the international manufacturers .

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