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SMITH6012 Ultra-high Pressure Additives Charging Measurement Pry
Published:2011-09-13 00:00 Reading times:7493

Smith 6012 series  use 3014 series metal float flowmeter and free-standing flow constant valve, needle type valve, pressure reducing valve (if necessary), and other components  to constitute a flow sweep devices, in order to  achieve the flow measurement and ensure the flow to be automatic constant output,  the valves  and flowmeter all use  stainless steel material to make, so the device is strong and reliable , the measurement precision and stability, and has the strong resistant to corrosion, and  the components adopts special design ,it can work under the conditions: high temperature, high pressure , higher vibration, and when the pressure of entrance and exit changes , free-standing flow constant valve begin to regulate itself immediately to ensure that sweep the flow of the device set constant output,it is  widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, ethylene, chemical fertilizer, steel, chemical fiber and textile industries to constant quantitative output, in order to achieve the transmitter and pressure sweep of process control level measurement, etc


Single road, multi-channel form (optional)
panel installation, cabinet installation (optional)
Card sets, screw, flange connection can be chosen
Connection line: 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm
Measuring temperature-80 ~ 260
The test pressure level: 6.3 MP. A, 9.6 MP. A, 15 MPa, 20 MPa
Measuring medium: gas, liquid
Apply to acid and alkali salt water oil and other kinds of medium


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